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How it works

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Download and open the free Ellume COVID-19 Home Test app on your phone. The app will guide you through the test including an integrated information video and step-by-step instructions. There are 7 simple steps to perform the test, including our user-friendly, patented nasal swab. Your sample is analyzed and your result is displayed on your phone after 15 minutes. Results are saved within the app and can be shared via email. The Ellume COVID-19 Home Test complies with CDC reporting requirements and automatically reports the required data to health authorities through our secure encrypted, HIPAA compliant, cloud connection.

Who can use this test

Who can use this test

  • Adults and children aged 2 years and above
  • People with or without symptoms

Who cannot use this test

  • Children under the age of 2 years
  • Anyone prone to nosebleeds
  • Anyone who has had a facial or head injury/surgery in the last 6 months

Features and benefits

  • Ground breaking Fluorescent Detection Technology previously limited to healthcare professionals
  • Results in 15 minutes
  • Suitable for ages 2 years and above
  • Patented, user-friendly nasal swab with child adapter
  • Designed and extensively tested for personal use
  • Step-by-step instructions in the app
  • Clear results written in words, no faint lines to interpret
  • Internal quality control systems protect against incorrect sampling
Lady using an Ellume COVID 19 Home Test swab

Why test

Day to day use:

Testing for COVID-19 can help you determine if you are infected regardless of whether you have symptoms. A reliable test result helps confirm whether you are at risk of spreading the infection to others and to determine whether you should self-isolate.

Reducing the risk of spreading COVID-19 is an important measure to ensure we can return back to work, school and normal lives.

Keeping you safe

Got a ‘Code 20’ or ‘Not enough sample for an accurate result’ message?

Good. That means we’re keeping you safe.

We appreciate this is an inconvenience, but it’s important in helping keep you safe. A ‘Not enough sample’ message means that you didn’t swab deeply enough, swab both nostrils, or swab vigorously enough to get sufficient sample on your swab.

We know it’s a pain, but our test is smart enough to check if there is enough sample on your swab. A doctor wouldn’t run a test without getting enough sample, and neither will we.

Other tests, without that clever control system, may give you a negative result when there wasn’t enough sample to determine whether you have COVID or not.

This means you could receive a negative result when you actually have COVID (a false negative result).

A false negative result is a real problem and could put yourself or others at risk of harm. A false negative result can lead to you not receiving treatment in a timely manner or you spreading COVID-19 to your loved ones or to other people in your community.

So while a ‘not enough sample for an accurate result’ message is an inconvenience, we love them, because they mean we’re doing our job, which is keeping you safe and helping stop COVID-19.


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